All about CeloToadz

Inspired by CrypToadz, CeloToadz is the first collection of 6969 randomly generated Toadz made up of more than 110 different traits on Celo Blockchain. All Toadz have distinctive and unique characteristics and no two have the same DNA!
Our Toadz’s goal aligns with Celo's tenet of "Designing for All" and subsequent slogan "Prosperity For All", besides ensuring our NFTs are affordable, we are preparing to contribute back to the community for believing in Celo!
We hope to be one of the lights that push the Celo Blockchain further, backed up by our community voting to decide on CeloToadz's future. This includes fund allocations, future developments, future Toadz species and more than you could hope for!


Our minting phase begins! For every 690 CeloToadz minted, we will randomly choose 3 CeloToadz hodlers from the range and gift each of them a CeloToadz!


To contribute back to our early supporters, a $300 cUSD prize pool will be shared among 2 lucky holders for having faith in this project!


Once we’ve hit our 50% milestone, we have to thank our community for such a wonderful time! A snapshot of all CeloToadz owners at that time will be taken and 69 lucky owners will be chosen for an airdrop of a unique CeloToadz (STOADZ), specially designed by our artist at the end of minting phase.


Adhering to our community culture of fun and light-heartedness, another $500 cUSD pool will be shared among 5 lucky holders!


Once we are fully minted, it's our time to give back to our loving community! 10% of the total sales revenues will be donated to one or multiple charity organizations of the community's choice. All CeloToadz holders will collectively decide on which charity to donate!

Our journey for innovation knows no bounds, even after our minting phase! More development to be unfolded from the swamp for all of our fellow CeloToadz holders to utilise their croaks to their fullest potential. Stay tuned!


How much is the mint?

The minting fee is 2.69 CELO per CeloToadz for everyone.

When is the mint?

The minting will take place on 5 November 2021, 3.30pm (UTC).

Will there be a pre-sale or whitelist?

Due to the low gas fee on the Celo Blockchain & to align our mission with Celo's "Prosperity for All", we will launch our project with public minting only to give everyone an equal chance to participate and mint! There will be no whitelisting or presale for our project.

How many CeloToadz can I mint?

You can mint up to 15 CeloToadz per transaction.

Which wallet should I use to mint?

Currently we support Metamask wallet only. Have a look in the #tutorial channel of our discord group to learn how to set up your Metamask wallet!

Will there be gas war during the mint?

We understand the pain of gas fees so not to worry too much, Celo’s gas fee is relatively low compared to other blockchain!

Why did we not choose to have our project on OpenSea?

We are supporters of the Celo and would love to participate in the development of its ecosystem! Furthermore, Celo has a very low gas fee, unlike Ethereum.

Is there any marketplace to sell my CeloToadz?

The CeloToadz will be listed on the AriSwap post mint.

How can I check my CeloToadz’s rarity?

Rarity details and ranking will be released post mint.





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